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Quake 3 Map : Too01
(686 kb)

My 1st map for Quake 3. Unzip it un your Quake3\Baseq3 directory, and select Too01 in the map menu.


Invasion beta 1.x
(364 kb)

Invasion is a mod for Quake 3 where Marines fight against Aliens to take their flag, like in CTF.
Click on the link above, and go to Files section.


TooQ2viewer v0.5
(233 kb)

Here the viewer; this is the 2nd release. You must have at least Direct-X 6.0 to launch it. Without a 3D card, it will be incredibly slow !
You must have Quake 2 (final or shareware) to see any level from it.
Look at the Shoot.Ini file to configure all the viewer stuff.
Read carefully the Readme.Txt file. : (433kb) download this file if you don't have Quake2. Unzip it in the Viewer dir with paths. In the Levels\Tuto.Ini, put 'Bsp = maps\match1.bsp' (without quotes). So you can see a level !


Aised 0.99d
(1.94 mb)

Here the 3D Engine which is the base of PProject (see below) and of the TooQ2viewer.
It has the same species that the TooQ2viewer (need DirectX 6.0, etc...) .
Double click on links "Levelx" to see levels. Be sure to have the good paths in the link before launching them.
Hit Tab key in the program to go to editon mode.
You can rename to .exe if you wish.


PProject Alpha
(536 kb)

This embryo of little game needs a 3D card and Direct-X 6.0 to run.
You can play up to 3 human players on the same PC (no network).
Without sound.
You can rename to .exe if you wish.


Q2 Mod
Q2 Ctf 1.02 Mod

(280 kb)

Here you can find the modifs I did for Quake 2, and Ctf 1.02. They are no major modifs, but they can improve the gameplay.
Have a look at the ReadMe file.

Q2 Mod (273 kb)
Ctf 1.02 Mod (178 kb)
Original Q2 3.20 (446 kb)

Note: remove the .zip at the end of before to launch it.