Quake Stuff :

iD Software Official site of the makers of Doom 1 & 2, Quake 1, 2 & 3

PlanetQuake! The site to find almost everything about Quake & its mods

Quake 3 Arena / Quake3world Official Quake 3 sites

Stomped Quake Some stuff for Quake

Stomped Quake 2 Some stuff for Quake 2

Champion League For Quake If you play a quake-like on the Net, then you are ranked on this site ! Look for [OAP]-  ManuTOO and [NRV]-  ManuTOO to track my performances ! ;-)

Blue's News News about a lot of games


Quake mod & programming :

Poly Engine use Quake 2 Bsp levels; sources are available

Joachim Bauch use Quake 2 Bsp levels, too

Q2 Bsp Utils (12-11-97) Source to load Bsp file; indispensable to begin to work with them !

Quake2 DLLs Learn to make game .dll for Quake 2

Code3arnea best site I found to learn Q3 Mod programming

Hired Force A Q3 Mod inspired by Counter-Strike

Quake 3 Mods A site about Mods

AQUALUNG A fun mod by Logistix


Programming :

3D Engine list a huge list of all 3D engines avalaible on the Net

Game AI Page a site with a lot of information about AI

3D-Imensional a new 3D Engines list with cool design


Total Annihilation :

Cavedog Official site of the makers of TotalA and TotalA: Kingdoms

TAMEC A very good site with tons of stuff

Swedish Yankspankers A game recorder / player; very useful to learn from your opponents


Misc & Friend sites :

Counter-Strike NRV Clan My CS clan ! :) (in French)

Old Age Pensioners My Quake 3 clan : a very good clan, often finish in the top #5 of Q3DM

Tennis Elbow the tennis game I made in 1995

dA tRoU dU cULz' hiDEouT A hilarious site in French about the Net c0wb0yZ ! A must !

Archipelagos A must to see if you're a fan of the old game Archipelagos on Amiga, or if you like "oldies but goodies"!

Pulpfic A site in French about IRC and other things. Very cool site ! :-)

Bladez A french site under construction