News from the front

Wenesday January 28th 2004

My new website for my puzzle game BALLOONrain and my former game Tennis Elbow will be up soon there :


Tuesday March 18th 2003

I'm currently working on a puzzle game, something between "Tetris" and "Bust a Move". Its code name is "Balloon".

So I'm looking for a graphist. If you're interested, you will design & model all the needed 3d objects for a this Puzzle game. You must have strong motivation, and at least 2 years of experience in the game industry to perform the global design and then model the objects. The goal is to achieve a demo very close of the final result. This demo will be presented to publishers. The main target platforms are the Xbox and PC. 2nd ones are PS2 and Gamecube.

That works needs from 2 to 4 months, at full time. If you think you can help and want more information,

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